We know that most people do not have any sort of money education and therefore that means that most people are guessing when they are making financial decisions. Our aim is to change this so that more people have a better understanding of money and know what to do when they need to make decisions about spending, budgeting and borrowing. We therefore decided that one way that we could help with this is to put together some information on a website that hopefully will see and read. We realise that this is just the first step, but we hope that we will be able to encourage people to then learn a lot more and start to make the changes necessary to improve their situation. There are lots of changes that people could choose to make and we suggest some so that they can have a think about what they might like to do and start to make some changes. We know that there are some really drastic changes that some people might be able to make but we appreciate that this is hard so try to suggest some smaller changes which are easier and will hopefully lead to larger ones that will make more of a difference.